Laura's Story

Laura Milman, founder of Laura’s Gems, came to America from the former USSR because her family wanted a better life. 

Laura started her journey by studying to become a nurse, but that wasn’t her passion. She loves to design and soon after started to study design and designed clothing.

Laura eventually shifted her sights to jewelry design after her brother, King of bling, Jacob Arabo, asked her to help and work with him when he was just starting out. 

After a few amazing years working with her brother, Laura decided to take the next step and grow, and she started her own company. To her that was very meaningful, a woman running her own business. Coming from the former USSR, that was the epitome of an American Dream.

“What I hold more closely to my heart is that I can help my clients create precious memories. 30 years later, I'm greeting old and new clients in midtown Manhattan, the heart of the city.” - Laura